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Are you ready to offload some of that boring, time consuming admin work? 

We specialise in assisting overwhelmed & overworked business owners just like you!

Imagine if you could ...

Free up more time in your day to work 'on' your business not in it!

Streamline your business overnight!

Get rid of those jobs that hang around your 'to do' list for months!

Hand over the unwanted stress that comes with day to day admin tasks!

Run your business more efficiently and effectively with minimal extra cost!

Bridge the skill gap in your business and take your company to the next level!


Meet Saydee! 

Hey there!


There is a lot of constant energy that goes into running a business and so it’s no surprise that so many business owners find themselves overwhelmed.


Without the right support, this can be damaging to the health and success of both your business and your own state of mind. 

Enter me! I'm the owner of InLine Admin - a virtual assistant (VA) service, that is dedicated to helping New Zealand businesses manage their administrative needs.

With 9 years of experience managing and organizing of all kinds administration needs, InLine Admin can be trusted to save you the time and energy necessary to take your business to the next level.

Never hired a VA before? Check out my page on the pros of hiring a Virtual Assistant.

How I can help

you ...

Personal Desk


Document management, data entry,  CRM & email management

Tidy Desk


Orders, invoicing, accounts, payroll & GST

Image by Leone Venter


Visual reports, interactive dashboards & metric tracking

Experience the difference of working with a virtual assistant today !

Let's work together !

 With the support of InLine Admin, you can be freed from the onslaught of niggly admin and focus on what you love most about running your business. 

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