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Hey there !

I'm Saydee, your admin savior... 

I have over 9 years of experience, assisting all kinds of businesses with all kinds of administrative assistance.


InLine Admin was developed out of a passion for all things admin. Our mission is to save New Zealand businesses and entrepreneurs time, so that they can focus on the hands-on needs of their business, to further realise its full potential.


Running a business can be stressful task - but is doesn’t have to be ~ because we are here to  help!


With InLine Admin’s support, you can focus on the areas of your business you most enjoy and feel more fulfilled within your working life. 

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We specialise in book keeping, software, operations, sales needs and administrative support. 


If you think InLine Admin could help, we can simply arrange to meet (either over coffee, online, or over the phone), and discuss the next steps. As your business continues to grow, we will adapt to fit your needs. 


InLine Admin has helped lots of business owners free themselves from unwanted stress and admin. Hiring a Virtual Assistant maximised your productivity, and allows you to be more flexible with how and where you operate. By outsourcing the tasks that you can’t let go of, you will have a lighter mind and a new freedom to explore new opportunities - both in the business world and beyond it. 


What our clients say...


Saydee is a modern day Mary Poppins - she has helped me with streamlining my business and taking the stress out of all my day to day admin tasks. Saydee is efficient, reliable and offers a top class service!


"I hired saydee as my VA as my business was growing and found myself getting bogged down with all the invoicing, xero, payroll and gst returns. Im not very tech savvy and Saydee helped me get things more streamlined and she is much faster then I am, this helped me put more time into actually working and earning money. My business has since boomed and getting a great VA has been the best decision I've made."


- Katie at Clean As Can Bee 

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