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Virtual Assistant VS. Permanent Staff

No Hidden Costs

When you hire an employee for a specific hourly rate, that isn’t the true rate you pay. In addition to paying that rate, you also have several “hidden” costs, such as payroll, Kiwisaver, Holiday Pay, Sick Leave etc.  An employee’s hourly rate can be half their true cost! But a virtual assistant’s cost is exactly what they have communicated.

No Hidden Hours

A virtual assistant charges for the hours they work (or service they provide). No breaks. No socializing. No wasted time trying to fill scheduled hours. You pay only for the time they are actually working and for the services they are supposed to provide. A virtual assistant is also available for flexible hours, unlike a permanent staff member. You may have varied hours of work from day to day, this totally suits us.

No Overheads

A virtual assistant has there own equipment, office space, software and training. Having an employee means paying for extra users in software, desk set up, phones, computers, office equipment, tea, coffee etc. VA's work virtually and cover all these expenses themselves.

Saves Time

Hiring a Virtual Assistant will save you time. With a VA as part of your team, you can delegate those time consuming tasks that take your focus away from the core of you business. EMails to answer, phone calls to make, social media profiles to update, content to create. All these tasks will take you away from critical parts of your business like securing clients, completing physical work and any other income generating tasks you have. By contracting with a VA, you will now be able to focus on making money while your VA keeps everything running smoothly behind the scenes.

Let's work together !

 With the support of InLine Admin, you can be freed from the onslaught of niggly admin and focus on what you love most about running your business.